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For time immemorial jewellery has actually been a huge part of our human Existence. In one way or another, it symbolises Class, Power and Luxury. Your taste is jewellery actually says a whole lot about you and your view on life. So many people has sought after some of the most rare and exotic jewelleries such as Silver, Gold and even Diamond. Why go all this length for just a piece of jewellery?, you may ask yourself. Many do this because as we all know, everyone wants to be Unique, and everyone wants to be different in their own special way.

There’s actually one very beautiful and extremely rare kind of jewellery which so many people today hasn’t heard about, or only has a little beit of knowledge about it. It is called Dendritic Agate, or popularly know as Dendrites.

What Is Dendritic Agate – History and Introduction

Dendritic agate is a translucent, colourless to whitish-gray variety of chalcedony quartz, easily distinguished by its distinct tree- or fern-like markings known as ‘dendrites’, which are most often brown to black in colour. It is considered to be one of the rarer and more sought-after varieties of agate stone, although it is technically not a ‘true agate’ since it lacks the typical banding of other agate stones.

‘Dendrites’, a Greek word for ‘tree-like’, are inclusions that appear organic due to their plant-like structure, but they are actually inorganic traces of iron or manganese. The iron and manganese ions gain access to the forming stone as weathering solutions from neighbouring rock. The impurities crystallise inside the agate in branching formations seeping through fine surface fractures. In some cases, dendritic inclusions may form in spotted clusters rather than branching structures; these are sometimes referred to as ‘mosquito stones’.

Le Ivoire and Dendritic Agate

Le Ivoire a french word which when translated in English means The Ivory. The name in itself has a significant meaning, just like The tusk of an African Elephant is truly precious, Valuable, One of a kind and Unique, so are the Jewelleries here at Le Ivoire.

Founded by Michael Thomas, Le Ivoire has come a long way in bringing Uniqueness in the world of jewellery, specialising in the production and sales of Dendritic Agate which actually is one of the rarest kind of jewellery. Dendritic Agate, is actually a special jewellery found only in some of the remotest part of the world.

Facts About Le Ivoire Jewelries

Le Ivoire is actually a very reputable Jewellery firm that specialises in the sales of Dendritic Agate jewelleries. They sell jewellery ranging from PendantsRingsEarrings and even beautiful carvings of Dendritic Agate Stones. This Stones and pendants comes with 18Karat Gold, 925 Sterling Silver, and also Stainless Steel Necklaces. You can visit them at Leivoire.com, or Follow them on their social media platform @Leivoire_. Below are some photos of their Jewelleries.

Le Ivoire boasts of giving top quality jewellery to its customers, with fast and reliable customer service, we boast of delivery to most locations around the world.

Most of the jewellery in our collection is actually 1 of 1, which means customers get to taste the feeling of uniqueness, because each and every jewellery comes singular, there’s zero to none chance having to see your pattern of dendritic agate bought from Le Ivoire on any other person.

The patterns in each jewellery is carefully carved by nature, so there is a zero possibility of having a duplicate, but there is a chance of a look alike, but to get the exact pattern on two jewellery here on Le Ivoire, is very unlikely.

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